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Family Partner Coreaner Price Receives SHERO Award From Butterflies By Grace Defined By Faith

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Coreaner Price, a family partner here at Families as Allies, was honored last month by the nonprofit Butterflies by Grace Defined by Faith (BBGDF) at their 11th annual SHERO award celebration.  Butterflies By Grace Defined By Faith is an organization that was founded to empower women and teens whose lives are directly and indirectly impacted by domestic violence and sexual assault, as well as human trafficking from all communities.

She received the SHERO award from BBGDF for her work with and participation in the organization Grant Me Justice. Grant Me Justice is an organization that advocates for families who have lost loved ones to violent crimes. Coreaner tragically lost her son Tedarron to violence last year, and she told us this is the first time that BBGDF gave a parent from Grant Me Justice the SHERO award, which honors “women who have persevered through life’s challenges and Community Leaders that have shown their dedication to the cause of community.”

The thing that Coreaner said she most wanted to share with other parents and caregivers and members of the community about her experience was that “a parent never dreams of burying a child at such a young age and at the hands of someone else. I have my moments but my faith in God remains strong. The void can never be filled but the memories keeps me going. I am his voice now.”

Coreaner began working with Families as Allies in 2006. She works with parents and families directly, sometimes helping them get the resources they need to become more empowered in their children’s plans, and at other times just lending an ear. She connects new families to other families so they can support one another directly and share their stories, experiences, and solutions, and also trains providers on family driven practice.

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