Supporting Families:

  • Produced an outreach Families - Mississippi Families as Alliesvideo for families of children with special health care needs
  • Implemented “Bring your IEP” nights for families
  • Created a webinar series on children’s mental health
  • Provided direct support to over 400 families
  • Facilitated 21 group trainings for families

Supporting Community:

  • Community - Mississippi Families as AlliesTrained over 150 providers who work with children
  • Developed an advocacy rotation for pediatric residents
  • Created a family-driven care awareness campaign for educators and mental health providers
  • Partnered with UMMC’s new primary care
    telehealth initiative

Supporting Positive Change:

  • Served on the Attorney Positive Change - Mississippi Families as AlliesGeneral’s mental health task force and presented a policy brief based on data from families to the task force and multiple policy makers
  • Were the State Captains for the National Council on Behavioral Health Hill Day in Washington D.C.
  • Created training in family-driven evaluation that is being used nationally
  • Provided technical assistance to legislators in how to create a Children’s Cabinet that includes families