Community - Families as Allies of Mississippi

Do you work with families?

Do you want to make sure your services are helpful?

Let’s Partner.

We can work with you to provide the following services and assistance.

Family Support:

  • Telephone and in-person support, system navigation, and advocacy assistance for families
  • Help with meeting preparation
  • Support with written responses and formal grievance procedures

Family Training:

  • Training for families in commonly encountered issues and systems
  • Training, coaching and continuing education for parent peer support specialists, lead family contacts and other family members supporting family members
  • Leadership training

Professional Development for Providers:

  • Training in systems advocacy for those working with families
  • Family-Driven Care professional development curriculum and coaching

Family-Driven Care Technical Assistance:

  • Assistance with local and state policy committees and initiatives
  • General and specific family-driven public awareness activities
  • Evaluation of systems and programs
  • Collaboration with the Mississippi Wraparound Institute