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With Heartfelt Gratitude for the Life of Judge Thomas Broome

by Joy Hogge

All of us at Families as Allies were heartbroken to learn that Rankin County Youth Court Judge Thomas Broome died on May 21 after a brief illness. He was a champion for children and families. I don’t remember ever not knowing Judge Broome, perhaps because he was such an influential force.

I keep thinking of special memories of Judge Broome. When we started to do informal wraparound coordination in Mississippi, it seemed like he or his staff were always at the table with families. I don’t remember if they were officially involved or if they volunteered because the unconditional care of true wraparound made sense to them. I have contacted him over the years about children and families in his jurisdiction. He always responded. He always helped.

My last conversation with Judge Broome was a few months ago. It was about a policy issue that was open for public comment. He had one of his staff members call and talk to me about it, then he called, well after most people had gone home, to make sure he had the complete picture. He quickly grasped the implications for families and the subtle details of the policy. I wasn’t surprised. He had both a caring heart and a brilliant mind.

We have lost a kind and wonderful man who was also an outstanding judge. He left us with many precious memories and an inspiring example to follow. Let’s cherish both. Our hearts and sympathy are with his wife, Paula, and his family and friends.

“A celebration of life service and reception will be held on June 10, 1 to 4 p.m. at the Muse Center at 515 Country Place Parkway in Pearl. A graveside service will be conducted on June 9 at 2:30 p.m. at Bay Springs Cemetery, 368 Mississippi Highway 18 in Bay Springs,” according to the¬†State of Mississippi Judiciary¬†website.

You can read more about Judge Broome’s life here.

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