What We’re Doing During COVID-19 to Support Professionals Working with Families

What We’re Doing During COVID-19 to Support Professionals Working with Families

To those of you who work with families, we want you to know that Families as Allies supports you.

These are some things we are doing during the COVID-19 outbreak to support both families and those working with them:

  1. We are reaching out to all of the families in our database to learn more about you’re their unique needs during this outbreak. We hope this data helps all of us be as responsive as possible.
  2. We have increased the frequency of our newsletter, The Ally, from monthly to weekly to ensure timely sharing of resources and support, including COVID-19 related policy updates that affect families. You can subscribe to our newsletter at https://www.faams.org/subscribe/. Please share this link.
  3. In addition to our regular Facebook page, we started a members-only private Facebook group for families to support each other and share ideas.
  4. We launched a virtual family support group and it will begin weekly sessions every Thursday at 4:30 PM central time beginning April 9. Families can register here.
  5. We are adapting all of our modules for online training. A list of our training modules can be downloaded here as a PDF. All modules are appropriate for families and those who work with families. These modules can be scheduled on demand and we also offer them via regularly scheduled webinars on the fourth Wednesday of every month at noon.
  6. We are adapting our Leadership Training to offer it virtually. This is an 8-hour training. We anticipate having it ready to launch by the end of April.
  7. We are planning a virtual train-the-trainer session of our leadership training and will keep you posted when this will launch.  It will be 8-12 hours long.
  8. We continue to offer coaching and support to any parent providing peer support to other parents in any system on the third Wednesday of every month from 12–1pm. Registration for the next session is at this link.
  9. We have begun to offer group and individual coaching in family-driven practice to those working with families. This can be scheduled and designed to meet the unique needs of any organization. Please keep in mind that this can include administrators who are looking at family-driven policies and program development.
  10. We will host a Facebook Live Town Hall on April 29 at noon for any interested stakeholders to share ideas about how Families as Allies can be as responsive as possible during this outbreak and in general.
  11. We are happy to attend any virtual meetings your organization has to support them in being inclusive of families.
  12. We have a number of family members who have recently completed leadership training who can serve on virtual policy committees.

Please let us know any additional suggestions you have for how we can be most responsive to you.

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