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We’re On ‘MFP Live’ Discussing Mental Health on Thursday, Sept. 23

On Thursday, September 23 at 6 PM, Joy Hogge, executive director of Families as Allies, and Melody Worsham, certified peer support specialist, talk with Mississippi Free Press’s (MFP) co-founders Kimberly Griffin and Donna Ladd about the state’s mental health crisis and lawsuit outcome. Please join the podcast on either Facebook Live or YouTube.

This discussion about mental health reform and the next steps that our state could take to move forward is a fitting way to celebrate National Recovery Month.  We thank MFP for the opportunity.

Joy described herself as especially grateful to be a partner with Melody Worsham in this discussion. She said, “I have always been so struck that Judge Reeves began his ruling in the mental health lawsuit by saying it was Melody’s words that gave him clarity in the midst of what seemed to be a fair bit of confusion and convolution in the course of the trial. The words of people with lived experience with mental illness are the only thing that will ever bring clarity to what needs to happen. Perhaps if the State realized that, it wouldn’t have lost this lawsuit.” You can read Melody’s words and Judge Reeves’ response to them at the beginning of his ruling. 

Please join us on Thursday at 6PM for this important conversation:

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