Video: MYPAC and Wraparound in Mississippi

In this video, we explain the recent changes to MYPAC (Mississippi Youth Programs Around the Clock) and we offer support for you if you would like to make public comments on this process with the Mississippi Department of Mental Health.

Last week we shared a blog post with you about the Mississippi Department of Mental Health’s temporary Provider’s Bulletin about Mississippi Youth Programs Around the Clock (MYPAC) and will soon issue proposed permanent standards for public comment. There have been several changes to MYPAC since June. Understanding these changes and keeping up with them can be confusing.

To help families think through these changes about MYPAC and to support them in any public comments they might want to share, we went through last week’s blog in our drop-in policy call this past Thursday. The session was recorded and we invite you to view the recording to learn more about the different things we discussed.

One thing we discussed during the session is the difference between Wraparound and MYPAC. “Wraparound” is an approach to care coordination for children with significant mental health needs. Wraparound is part of Mississippi’s state law and there is national evidence that indicates it helps children and families.  MYPAC is a set of services intended to meet the intensity of needs of the same set of children and families. MYPAC services began in Mississippi in the early 2000s and have changed over time.

We reviewed the importance of Wraparound being an independent process from services so that Wraparound facilitators are focused solely on what families say they want. This separation between wraparound and services is sometimes referred to as having a firewall between them, and we shared in the session that this approach is consistent with the principles of family-driven practice.  It is also consistent with conflict-free case management.

We emphasized that even when policies are confusing, families still retain their expertise about their children and what would be helpful to them.  This input is invaluable when new policies are open for consideration.  We encourage all families to learn more about the issues related to MYPAC and Wraparound and opportunities to give input. Wraparound and MYPAC will also be discussed at the meeting of the Interagency Coordinating Council for Children and Youth on November 16.

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