The National Family Support Technical Assistance Center

The National Family Support Technical Assistance Center

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The National Family Support Technical Assistance Center is the nation’s first Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) funded Center of Excellence focused on supporting families and caregivers of children, regardless of their age, who experience serious mental illness and/or substance use challenges. The NFSTAC is led by the National Federation of Families, a family-run organization, in partnership with the Partnership to End Addiction, C4 Innovations, SAFE Project, and Boston University. The Center’s approach is anchored by the underlying principle that families play a vital role in supporting their children and are the experts regarding their family support needs.

NFSTAC invites you to join them in a  3-part series (beginning April 22) on supporting families whose children experience mental health and/or substance use challenges through the lifespan. Join subject matter experts in engaging discussions about attending to both mental health and substance use problems and their complex impact on families. Following a “fireside chat” with experts, participants will be invited to join partitioned breakout sessions based on child age (0 – 12, 13 – 17, 18 – 25, 26 and up.) Breakout discussions will be led by moderators who will invite attendees to share their lived experiences, questions, concerns, unique challenges, resources and support, as they relate to supporting children in each age group. After the breakout sessions, we will reconvene to synthesize ideas and identify goals for next steps.”

These italicized excerpts are quoted directly from the website of the National Family Support Technical Assistance Center (NFSTAC). We encourage you to visit the website and also sign up for the center’s Lifespan Support Series beginning this Thursday. We are delighted that Henry Moore, director of family-driven practice for Families as Allies is on the advisory board of the center and will be a facilitator during the lifespan series.

NFSTAC - National Family Support Technical Assistance Center

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