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Supporting our Children in the Face of Racism and Violence

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We hope these resources for talking to children about violence, race and racism are helpful in light of events over the past week.

It was horrifying to see George Floyd die at the hands of the police on Memorial Day, even more so because he was far from the first, and likely not the last, African American man to meet the same fate. The range of protests in response to his death has been overwhelming and, at times, frightening.

There are legitimate conversations to have about the protests and rioting, but we cannot let those conversations detract from the fundamental issue we must address: Black men dying at the hands of law enforcement and the role of race and racism in that. Families as Allies is committed to keeping this issue at the forefront, particularly since we know that young men of color with disabilities often have some of the greatest challenges with the criminal justice system.

We want to learn from all of you, especially families and youth who have experienced these challenges, how we can support each other and move forward. We also want to hear from the law enforcement officers who partner with our organization.

We know that these issues can be difficult to talk about with your children so we are sharing some resources that may make those conversations easier.

This resource from the United States Department of Justice is aimed at adults and has information about effective partnerships between communities and law enforcement.

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