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Resource: Considerations for Reopening Mississippi Schools

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Each week during July, we will share one resource to help you as you plan for your child’s education this school year. This week’s resource is the Mississippi Department of Education’s (MDE) Considerations for Reopening Mississippi SchoolsHere are some highlights for your consideration:

  • Pages 4 – 6 describe the three options districts can choose: Traditional, Hybrid and Virtual.
    Remember:  If your child has an Individual Education Program (IEP) under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) or a disability as defined under section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, they must still receive reasonable accommodations for their disability regardless of the reopening option the district chooses.

  • Page 8 encourages districts to review IEP amendments, but does not describe how families will be included in this process.
    Remember: Parents have the right to be included in any decision made about their child’s IEP.  You do not have to accept IEP amendments proposed by your child’s school district, and you can request an IEP meeting at any time.

  • Page 10 outlines steps for family and community support. We encourage you to read the whole section. Districts are encouraged to form community task forces to help with the transition.
    Remember: Families know their children better than anyone and are their children’s strongest advocates. You have important information to share. Consider volunteering to be on your district’s task force. Does your child have information to share too? Encourage them to be involved too!

  • Page 12 lists ways your school district should communicate information to you.
    Remember: Everyone having the same information and being able to get all the information they need helps all of us, especially our children.  We will be surveying families later this month to find out if you are getting the information you need to help you plan for your child’s education.  Please watch for the survey link and share it with others. 

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