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Recommended Reading: Lisa Lightner’s ‘Holidays with a Disabled Child’

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We know that the holidays can be stressful, joyful, or sometimes a mixture. Last week we told you we would share resources for coping with the holidays throughout December. This week, we draw your attention to Holidays with a Disabled Child | 10 Tips for a Stress-Free Season, a helpful and practical post by Lisa Lightner on her “A Day in Our Shoes” blog.
Ms. Lightner is a mom, so she knows what it’s like to negotiate the holidays, including schedule disruptions, meals in non-routine places and dealing with family members who don’t always “get it.” She gives tips that work in the real world, not in a make-believe Pollyanna world where none of us who are parents actually live. She even shares her spunky responses to family members.
We especially appreciate her suggestions on holiday traditions that can add to the stress. For instance, she recommends sending holiday cards to people you will come in contact with that explain your child’s “quirks” and help your family members understand how they can support your children. She also has excellent suggestions for school and advice on being as kind to ourselves as we are to everyone else we think about.
We love these words: “Above all else, the best advice is to know yourself and know your family. Moms have great instincts, and now is not the time to ignore them. We know what our kids can handle and what will make an enjoyable holiday season for everyone.” We encourage you to read the whole post. We hope you find it as helpful as we did.
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