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Opportunity to Give Input into the Department Of Mental Health’s Strategic Plan

Wendy Bailey, executive director of the Department of Mental Health, shared this update regarding the Department of Mental Health’s strategic plan:

The Mississippi Department of Mental Health has engaged the National Association of State Mental Health Program Directors Research Institute (NRI) to conduct a review of its strategic plan and the strategic plan revision processes. As a result, NRI is conducting a series of surveys, focus groups, and interviews with stakeholders to understand their experiences interacting with Mississippi’s community mental health system. 

Feedback from these various stakeholder groups will be synthesized to provide recommendations to DMH on which measures should be collected to better understand the effectiveness of the community system, make improvements to the system, and guide development of future planning efforts. For those who do not receive a feedback request, your input is still appreciated. You can submit your feedback through an online form, and NRI may follow up with you for more information.

You can review the Department’s strategic plan at this link. We encourage you to review the plan and share your thoughts on the survey, especially if you, your child, or another family member manages a mental health challenge. Nobody knows better than the person in a situation what it is that would most help them. You have important and unique information to help make services and support better for you and others.

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