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NFF Recommends Events During Children’s Mental Health Acceptance Week

The National Federation of Families has recommended a month full of events to help “get you inspired to Accept, Advocate, and Act for Children’s Mental Health!” (The following events and descriptions are verbatim from the NFF.)

Children’s Mental Health Acceptance Week

A weeklong series from SAMHSA brings a singular focus to children’s mental health this week. On May 10th, NFF Executive Director Lynda Gargan is featured with special guests for Moving from Awareness to Acceptance. SAMHSA has partnered with a number of organizations—including three NFF affiliates—to celebrate Children’s Mental Health Acceptance Week. Click each link below to register for each SAMHSA webinar.

Wednesday, May 10th: Moving from Awareness to Acceptance: An Intimate Conversation with Karl and Kathy Dennis
1:00 pm to 2:00 pm EST
Presenter: Lynda Gargan, PhD, Executive Director, National Federation of Families; Karl and Kathy Dennis, Pioneers and Advocates for Acceptance through Unconditional Care. Join us as Karl and Kathy Dennis discuss their journey to create acceptance for all children and families through Unconditional Care and the positive social justice implications of this approach. Click Here to Register.

Thursday, May 11th: What Oxford University Research Says about Youth Peer Support
1:00 pm to 2:00 pm EST
Hear from youth about the importance of peers helping peers and what does the research show to support that message.
Presenter: Martin Rafferty, CEO of Youth ERA. Click Here to Register.

Friday, May 12th: Many Pathways to Children’s Mental Health
1:00 pm to 2:00 pm EST
Pat Hunt, Executive Director of FREDLA: What does the research say about Family to Family Peer Support?
Susan Stearns, Executive Director of NAMI New Hampshire: What does Parent Peer support look like in implementation?
Hugh Davis, Executive Director of Wisconsin Family Ties: A call to action from lived experience!
Click Here to Register.


May 10th: STARR Coalition’s Advocacy Roundtable Open Forum Discussion with Dr. Lynda Gargan
On May 10th at 3:30 p.m. ET, NFF Executive Director Lynda Gargan will join CEO and Founder of People-USA Steve Miccio and Executive Director of NAMI Texas Greg Hansch for the STARR Coalition’s roundtable discussion about family advocacy in clinical mental health research. Register here.

May 18th: Accept. Adovcate. Act. Parents Talk about Children’s Mental Health
We invite you to meet four remarkable parents who continue to lead the way for children’s mental health. Please join our upcoming event Accept. Advocate. Act. Parents Talk about Children’s Mental Health on May 18th beginning at 1:00 pm ET featuring parents whose own lived experience set them on a path to become change agents for children’s mental health. Moderated by the Federation’s own Lynda Gargan, PhD, a nationally recognized expert on behavioral health and family well-being, the panel will focus on why acceptance, advocacy, and action can change attitudes, behaviors, and systems. We’ll also hear their perspective on how those tactics can improve outcomes for a child, teen, or young adult…and families everywhere. Learn More & Register!

May 24th: National Federation of Families and SAMHSA Present Supporting Family Members with Co-Occurring Diagnoses
Join us on May 24th at 2:30 p.m. ET to learn strategies to support loved ones with co-occurring diagnoses. Muriel Jones, Executive Director of the Federation of Families of Central Florida, will share her story about her son’s successes and setbacks around mental health and substance use challenges. Rachael Craig-Dunn, Family Program Supervisor at South Florida Wellness Network, will share her experience of working with family members of individuals with co-occurring diagnoses to offer support and resource navigation. Dr. Mark Thomsen, Assistant Professor of Psychiatry of UMNC and Creighton University, will explain strategies that have helped clinicians work with families to offer more compassionate and holistic support. Register for “Supporting Family Member.”

Webinar: Marijuana: What Parents, Schools, and the Healthcare Workforce Need to Know to Help Protect Children, Teens, and Young Adults
May 17th, 2:00 p.m. ET
Whether a young person has not yet tried marijuana, has begun to use it, or uses it regularly, the guidance and information provided in this webinar can help. The teen and early adult years are when children are most vulnerable to starting marijuana use and its harmful effects. Register for Webinar.

Family Connections: Navigating Family Support
May 25th, 1:30 p.m. ET
Parents and caregivers are the subject matter experts when it comes to their child. Being a subject matter expert means we need to stay on top of new ideas, skills, and tools. We’ll introduce you to a new online resource created by leading mental health experts with evidence-based content—giving parents/guardians the knowledge and tools to support youth while strengthening their own mental health. Register for Family Connections.

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