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Medicaid Changes are Coming: Make Sure You Stay Covered

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Due to COVID19, Medicaid paused renewals, but they’re returning! Don’t wait—update and stay covered! Be sure the state Medicaid office has your current mailing address.

Medicaid members must update their contact information by clicking this link or calling DOM at 1-800-421-2408 or 601-359-6050.

You can also update your contact information online at

When it is time for your requalification, Medicaid will try to renew your benefits by looking at its electronic information. If they can approve you this way, there is nothing you will need to do. If they cannot approve you this way, you will be mailed a renewal form and have 30 days to fill it out and return it to Medicaid. Medicaid must have your most current mailing address and contact information. You could lose coverage if they do not.

If you currently have coverage, please do not submit a new application. Wait until you receive your renewal form and return it.

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