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Lots of Cheers for CHAMP!

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Families as Allies is delighted to be a partner on the CHAMP Project. CHAMP is an acronym for the Child Access to Mental Health and Psychiatry program which is a free consult line for primary care providers in Mississippi.

The CHAMP program uses a team of UMMC Psychiatrists and Psychologists who help children up to age 21 years and their families by providing real-time behavioral health, medication management, family support, and resource information in consultation to their primary care provider by way of telehealth technology. This means any primary care provider in Mississippi can call the CHAMP line at 601-984-2080 when a child is in their office and get support in real time to know the best way to help that child with behavioral or emotional challenges.

As a family-run organization, we believe our children should be able to get help in the places they already are – like in school and at the doctor – so we are very excited about CHAMP.  We encourage all of you to check out this video about CHAMP and share it with your child’s doctor or nurse practitioner.  

We also urge families to complete this survey about what it’s like when you take your child to the doctor. Responses are anonymous and will be used to help CHAMP and Families as Allies understand how to help medical providers be supportive to the children and families who come to see them.  You will receive a $10 gift card for completing the survey.  The survey is for ALL Mississippi families of children birth – 21, regardless of whether or not your child has emotional or behavioral challenges. 

CHAMP provides training as well as consultation.  This Friday, November 6, CHAMP will present a webinar,  Addressing Issues in the Identification and Management of Childhood ADHD at noon.  Joy Hogge, Families as Allies executive director, is one of the presenters.  Medical providers can receive continuing education units for attending, but anyone is welcome to  participate.  The webinar is free and does not require registration.  This is the link our UMMC partners gave us for the webinar if you would like to join this Friday, November 6, at noon.

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