You are currently viewing Legislative Update for March 27, 2024: Children’s Health Care Bills

Legislative Update for March 27, 2024: Children’s Health Care Bills

Families as Allies continues to follow these bills related to children and families and the systems and issues that affect them. Lt. Governor Delbert Hosemann and Speaker Jason White have assigned almost all bills to committees in the chamber opposite of the one in which they originated. So, House bills are now in Senate committees, and Senate bills are in House committees. Committee Chairmen need to bring the bills up for votes in those committees for the bills to move forward.

To give feedback on a bill that leadership has assigned to a committee:

  1. Call the Capitol switchboard at (601) 359-3770 and ask them to deliver a message to the relevant committee chair.
  2. If you think the bill is a good idea, tell them why the members should vote it out of committee.
  3. If you do not believe the bill is a good idea, tell them why members should not vote it out of committee.

This link lists the chairs of each committee.

We want to draw your attention to two bills about children’s health care at school, especially if either of these health issues is relevant to your child.

House Bill 1548, entitled Cardiac emergency response plan; require local school district to implement, is in the  Senate Education committee. It requires school districts to have plans, trained staff and the right equipment to respond to students’ cardiac emergencies, including at athletic events.

House Bill 346, entitled “Seizure Safe Schools Act”; establish, is also in the Senate Education committee. It requires every public and private K-12 schools to have at least one staff member trained to administer rescue medication and other recommended procedures as indicated if a student has a seizure.

If you have feedback about either or both of these bills, contact Chairman Dennis DeBar, the chair of the Senate Education Committee. You can leave a message for Chairman DeBar at the Capitol switchboard ( (601) 359-3770) or call his Capitol office at (601)359-3221. His email is

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