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Henry Moore Named ‘MAP Team Coordinator of the Quarter’

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Henry Moore MAP Team CoordinatorThe Mississippi Department of Mental Health recently named Henry Moore and Theresa Parsons the MAP Team Coordinators of the Quarter. Henry is the Hinds County MAP Team coordinator as well as being the Director of Family-driven Practice here at Families as Allies.

In the Facebook post announcing the honor, MDMH wrote: “Joy Hogge, Executive Director of Families as Allies, said Henry is a champion for MAP Teams, always sharing with families and reminding everyone of the purpose of MAP Teams. MAP Teams are local multidisciplinary teams that review cases concerning children and youth who have SED and who are at immediate risk for an inappropriate 24-hour institutional placement. The members of these teams meet on a monthly basis to identify community-based services and resources that may divert children from inappropriate inpatient care.”

We asked Henry what he thought of the honor. He said, “I am just thrilled to lead a multidisciplinary team of professional and caring individuals.”

In the Facebook post, Joy said: “His commitment to families, his team members and helping the MAP Team function as a system of care for Hinds County is truly inspiring.”

We’re extremely proud of Henry and the work he does to represent Families as Allies on the Hinds County MAP Team. We’re also thankful for the hard work of all the other members of the Hinds County MAP Team and MAP teams around the state.

For more information on the Hinds County MAP Team you can watch the video we produced this year and download the brochure. Congrats Henry!

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