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Fathers’ Day Thoughts from Families as Allies Board President

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George Stewart - Families as AlliesI want to start by saying Happy Father’s Day to all fathers!

Being a father on the board of Families as Allies means a lot. It means being a part of helping other fathers find solutions to parenting children with mental and behavioral challenges.

As a father of a nonverbal autistic child, I understand the challenges. As men, we often try to deal with our challenges alone. But trying to parent a child with special needs, sometimes out of our control, should not be done alone. This is where Families as Allies comes in. This incredible organization not only gives fathers possible solutions to parenting our children with behavioral challenges. It also helps us advocate for policy and system changes that remove barriers keeping our children back.

Again, I understand the challenges you face. So, if you get nothing else from what I said, please know that you are not in this alone. I hope you have an amazing Father’s Day!

[Photo by Jeffrey Hamilton on Unsplash]

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