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Families: Tell Us What You Think About Your Child’s Healthcare

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Families as Allies is a partner on the University of Mississippi Medical Center’s CHAMP (Child Access to Mental Health and Psychiatry) Project. Primary care providers (for example, pediatricians, nurse practitioners and family medicine doctors) can call the CHAMP consult line while a child is in their office and get feedback from a child psychiatrist or child psychologist about the best way to help that child and their family. They can also find out about family support and resources through Families as Allies.

This approach means that more children will be able to be treated by medical providers they already know and trust, and it also eases demands on an already stretched mental health system. You can learn more about CHAMP here.

Families as Allies and CHAMP want to understand what it is like for families in Mississippi when they try to get help for their child’s emotions or behavior from their child’s doctor. The information will help us know the best way to support medical providers who call the CHAMP line. We are asking families to share their feedback on this survey. What you share is anonymous (we will not know who you are).

Any family living in Mississippi raising a child between birth and 21 years of age can take the survey. We are especially interested in hearing from families whose children have challenges with their behavior or feelings. If you have more than one child, please answer the survey about the child you have the most concerns about.

We will share the overall results of the survey on our website, in our newsletter and on Facebook. If you have questions or other feedback about the survey, please contact Joy Hogge at 601-355-0915 or

At the end of the survey, the first 300 respondents will be given the opportunity to receive a $10 Walmart gift card in appreciation for their time. Each respondent will be asked to give their name and address where we can send their gift card, but we will not be able to trace their name back to their survey answers. This survey is just for families living in Mississippi who are raising a child between birth and 21 years of age. Cards will not be mailed to out of state addresses.

You can begin the survey here.

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