You are currently viewing ‘Families as Allies Live’ is August 30th

‘Families as Allies Live’ is August 30th

Today, Wednesday, Aug. 30, Families as Allies will host “Families as Allies Live,” a special event scheduled during lunchtime. Every time there’s a fifth Wednesday in the month, we meet for a virtual rendezvous tailored to bring you—families and the people who work with families—directly into a conversation with our dedicated staff.

We’ll be live-streaming on Facebook and YouTube, and you can chat with us directly during the session, asking questions or offering feedback.

This month, the team will focus on topics that come up most every August—back-to-school and the calls we’ve been getting from families. We’ll also discuss parent-peer support and the recertification process; we’ll recommend some surveys for you to fill out; and we’ll offer some reminders for the support and training calls we’ve got planned into September.

Join us! You can register for reminders on Facebook or, if you prefer, on YouTube. The chat works “two-way” on both services, so come for the live call, and please add your questions and comments. See you there!

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