Contact Your Legislator On Behalf Of Our Children Today!

StateresponseCL-TAC_Page_1CROP.jpg GOOD NEWS!
Families as Allies learned yesterday from a court document filed by Attorney General Hood that “The Mississippi legislature is a party to the negotiations” in the United States Justice Department’s mental health lawsuit against Mississippi.


Why does this matter? This means that legislators can now access the TAC reports that have been kept hidden for the past two years and use the reports  to determine how much money is needed for mental health services, how that money should be spent, and any changes needed in laws to reform our system.

We continue to completely disagree with Attorney General Hood’s decision to keep the TAC reports a secret from people with mental illness and their families, the public, and the press.  We strongly oppose his then choosing to spend tens of thousands of dollars of tax payers’ money to defend his decision in court. We are also perplexed as to why Attorney General Hood repeatedly references negotiations, including in his recent filing, given that four years of negotiations failed under his leadership and were terminated by a judge in December 2015. Nevertheless, the fact that legislators can now use this information to inform their policy and budget decision is very good news.

Please contact your State Senator and Representative today and ask them to request copies of the TAC reports from Attorney General Hood. (there is one for the children’s mental health system and one for the adult mental health system)

Not sure who your state legislators are?  Click here.

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