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Check Your Mail and Keep Your Medicaid Coverage!

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In February 2023, we shared with you that due to COVID-19 being declared a federal emergency, the Mississippi Division of Medicaid (DOM), like all state Medicaid agencies, paused renewals in the Spring of 2020. The national emergency has ended, so Medicaid began resuming renewals in April.

Many people may have a different address now than they did in the Spring of 2020. Medicaid must have your most current mailing address and contact information. You could lose coverage if they do not. Medicaid members can update their contact information by clicking this link or calling DOM at 1-800-421-2408 or 601-359-6050. You can also update your contact information online at do not need to do it again if you have already updated your information.

Re-qualifications will take place over twelve months. When it is time for your re-qualification, Medicaid will try to renew your benefits by looking at its electronic information. If they can approve you this way, there is nothing you will need to do. If the Division of Medicaid cannot approve you electronically, they will mail a renewal form, and you have 30 days to complete it and return it to Medicaid. Please check your mail closely and make sure you do not accidentally throw away anything from Medicaid, thinking it might be junk mail.

You can learn more about Mississippi’s plan, including appealing coverage decisions by Medicaid, in Mississippi Medicaid’s Unwinding Plan. If you find out you or your child no longer has Medicaid coverage after you have exhausted all options for Medicaid coverage, you can look for coverage in the federal marketplace.

Please share this information with individuals and families with Medicaid coverage. Families as Allies is a Medicaid Coverage Champion and is very happy to assist families with questions.

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