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Black History Month: Questions to Contemplate

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[Photo: Dr. Rodney Washington from his Dad Blog in 2020 made us think about how there are still too few narratives about Black men succeeding as professionals and strong dads in America.]

February is Black History Month. Two years ago, we at Families as Allies challenged ourselves to deliberately approach Black History Month as an opportunity to grow and be challenged throughout the year rather than to observe a fixed point in time. This year we are contemplating these questions to challenge ourselves to move beyond where we are now. We hope you will reflect on them with us.

  • From your perspective, how much progress has been made in the health care system, including mental health, for Black people in Mississippi and America?
  • What do you think are the most important things for people, especially people who aren’t Black, to think about all year based on the lessons of Black History Month?

Throughout this month, we will share some perspectives of the staff and partners of Families as Allies on those questions. If you want to share your thoughts, please let us know. Families as Allies is about all of us.

These are some of our past blog entries that we find helpful in contemplating what Black History means for our lives all year long:

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