Knowing what services families want for their children helps all of us at Families as  Allies do our jobs better. 

Without identifying you, we use the information you share with us to help policy makers understand what services are needed for children.  It also helps us bring families together to work on things we all think are important for our children.  If you provide your name on the survey and check that you would like to receive information from us, we can let you know about other opportunities to work together for our children.  There is no cost to joining Families as Allies in this way. 

If you would like support in finding services for your individual child, you can also indicate that on the survey or call us at 601-355-0915.

This survey asks about quite a few questions about mental health services your child is receiving and those you would like to have.  That is because many of these services are required by state or federal law and we want to make sure they are being provided as the law says they should be.  If you would like to learn more about current and pending lawsuits Mississippi is facing concerning these services, please click HERE.

Families as Allies is funded through generous donations, training fees, grants from the Substance Abuse and Mental Heath Services Administration, the City of Jackson and the Department of Mental Health, and contracts with other non-profits and agencies.