The Clarion Ledger recently asked the court to make public the mental health assessment done by the Technical Assistance Collaborative. Southern Poverty Law Center was involved in the Troupe v. Barbour litigation, and the subsequent failed negotiations for a settlement. Today, they filed their response to the Clarion Ledger's motion, saying that:



"The public has a clear interest in knowing the results of a tax-payer-funded investigation into the mental health system that is tasked with providing services to the citizens of the state. The original rationale that favored the imposition of a protective order – settlement negotiations between the parties – is no longer applicable due to the termination of the settlement negotiations several months ago. (ECF No. 82.) Accordingly, Plaintiffs support the Clarion Ledger’s request for this Court to vacate the protective order."

Let's hope this assessment, which contains recommendations  to reform the mental health system, is finally made public so that all of us can work together to fix the system for all of Mississippi's children.

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