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Return of In-Person Leadership Training was a Huge Success!

Congratulations to the 25 people, including 21 parents and caregivers, who completed Serving on Groups that Make Decisions Leadership Training on Saturday, June 24, in Jackson. We are so proud of you, and it was wonderful to get to know all of you in person! Thank you to Henry Moore, Coreaner Price and Nikki Flippins for facilitating the training.

This training is an 8-hour training developed by Family Voices National Center for Family Professional Partnerships for anyone interested in learning to serve on decision-making groups and committees with policymakers. Participants learn about different decision-making groups: leadership, practice, advisory and governance, and then choose specific examples of these groups in Mississippi on which they want to serve. Many participants chose the advisory boards of Mississippi Thrive and the CHAMP Project, and several people were interested in Making A Plan (MAP) teams, school boards and groups for parents and youth.

The group was very engaged and enthusiastic throughout. They shared these thoughts about the training at the end of the day:

  • “This training was very thorough and informative. I feel very confident in moving forward in leadership. H. Moore, C. Price and M. Flippins were great!”
  • “Great workshop and presenters. Very interactive and engaging. I thought I was going to be bored.”
  • “This presentation has been greatly needed because professionals and parents need to understand the order and structure of how a group functions and all the challenges group participants face when they don’t understand the proper procedures of group dynamics. I liked how the trainer explained how the different groups function and the fact that parents’ voices can be heard on governing, advisory and practice groups.”
  • “Has informed and given me a better understanding of groups.”

If you want to learn more about leadership training or schedule a virtual or in-person training, contact Henry Moore at 601-355-0915 or Please also let us know if your organization, agency or state system has decision-making committees upon which parents can serve, especially if state or federal law mandates the inclusion of people receiving services and their families. We want to partner with you to ensure Mississippi’s system of care for children is family-driven.

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