Q&A and Bill Rosamond, Coordinator of Mental Health Accessibility

This week our executive director, Joy Hogge, jumped online to talk with Bill Rosamond, the new Coordinator of Mental Health Accessibility for Mississippi.

Rosamond previously worked at the Mississippi Attorney General’s office, which assigned him to the Department of Mental Health. He was part of the litigation team on behalf of the state of Mississippi in issues regarding Olmstead v. L.C., the 1999 U.S. Supreme Court case where they ruled that putting people in a state-run psychiatric facility—when they don’t absolutely need to be there—is a form of discrimination.

“The Coordinator of Mental Health Accessibility is to perform a comprehensive review of the state’s mental health system,” Rosamond said. “Children’s services, adult services, community-based services—whether they’re offered at community mental health facilities or jails.”

The legislation that created the coordinator position charges him with looking at the mental health system’s overall structure, Rosamond said. He said he’ll be looking at the wide range of mental health services that the state offers to Mississippians, and that he’ll reach out to a variety of people who are a part of the system so they can all help reshape it.

Watch the whole interview to get a better sense of this new role and the man who will fill in as we roll into 2021.

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