Our Vision and Mission

Our vision is that all children will have the opportunity to
reach their potential and succeed. Our mission is to make sure that
families are partners in their children’s care.

W E    V A L U E
Every child and family.
We accept and respect all families of children with mental health difficulties without judgment or blame.
We CHALLENGE the systems that serve our children to do the same.

W E    V A L U E
We hold ourselves to the highest quality standards in what we do – our children’s lives are too valuable to do otherwise.
We EXPECT the systems that serve our children to do the same.

W E    V A L U E
We support open and honest collaborations among families, professionals, policy makers and others who care about children.
We ENCOURAGE the systems that serve our children to do the same.

W E    V A L U E
We strive to be effective, efficient and transparent in our work so that precious resources can go toward what is
most important: our children. We DEMAND that the systems that serve our children do the same.


Established in 1990, Families as Allies is the only statewide organization run by and for families of children with mental health challenges. We support each other and work together to make things better for our children.

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Upcoming Events
Tuesday, July 24, 2018 at 07:30 AM
Families as Allies in Jackson, MS

Bring Your IEP Day


Come to the Families as Allies office on Tuesday, July 24th with your IEP and your questions. Drop in anytime between 7:30 AM and 6 PM. You'll be able to visit with parents who have been in your shoes, and we will support you in finding answers.


You will also have the opportunity to share feedback about ways to make JPS work better for all students and families if you would like. The feedback will be shared with the Better Together Commission.

Saturday, July 28, 2018 at 10:00 AM
Word and Worship Church in Jackson, MS

Back to School Blast

Families as Allies is funded through generous donations, training fees, grants from the Substance Abuse and Mental Heath Services Administration, the City of Jackson and the Department of Mental Health, and contracts with other non-profits and agencies.