Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What should I do if my child’s school calls and tells me to pick him or her up because of his/her behavior?


First, ask if your child has been suspended, and if so, what reason is given on the suspension papers.  If your child has not been suspended, we encourage you to NOT pick him up.  He or she could be counted as truant if you pick him up, and you be held liable for the truancy.  Learning and being at school are important parts of children’s lives.  If your child’s behavior makes it hard for him to function at school, he might benefit from a Functional Behavior Analysis (FBA).  For more information about FBAs, see this site –

Does my child have to go all the way through the TIER Process (also called Response to Intervention or RTI) before he or she can be evaluated for Exceptional Education eligibility?


No, although schools can use the TIER process as one way to identify children who might benefit from exceptional education services, they cannot use it to keep your child from being evaluated.  This memo from Dr. Melody Musgrove, Director of the Office of Special Education, explains this in more detail:

Where is a good place to get information about a behavioral or mental health diagnosis my child has received?


There is a lot of information about different diagnoses and issues on the internet.  Not all of it is accurate or helpful. We encourage you to use the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry site because it has been carefully reviewed and written by well trained doctors and other experts. A good fact sheet can be accessed here.

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