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Evaluations for Special Education Services

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Sometimes families wonder what steps to take if they believe their child’s school should evaluate their child for special education services. One of the most important things to remember is to put your request in writing. This is a sample letter you can use to make the request. Remember to address your letter to the school district’s Child Find coordinator (check the district’s website). If you cannot find the name of the Child Find coordinator, address your letter to the special education contact listed on the Mississippi Department of Education (MDE) website.

Once you submit your written request, the Initial Evaluation and Eligibility Flowchart (PDF) shows MDE’s timeline that the school district must follow. If the district does not follow the timeline, we encourage you to contact the Mississippi Department of Education special education hotline at 601-359-3498 or consider filing a formal state complaintFamilies as Allies and the Mississippi Parent Training and Information Center can support you in requesting an evaluation for your child.Initial Evaluation Flowchart

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