YES. We do. We are a statewide network of families raising children with emotional and behavorial challenges.

Parents commonly feel alone when their child has a problem with their behavior, thinking or feelings.

The truth is MANY families have been in your shoes – we know one out of five children will have some sort of mental health challenge this year. 

Parents often wonder what they did wrong when anything happens to their child, but remember:
  • Just because you feel something, it doesn’t mean it’s true.
  • ALL families struggle and NO family is perfect.
  • There’s hope and help regardless of what brought your child and family to this point.
  • Nobody knows your child better than you do. Your expertise about your own child is one of the most valuable tools you have to help them
  • You’ve already shown a lot of strength just by coming this far, reaching out, and thinking about getting some support. That same strength will help carry you through and guide you, wherever your journey with your child takes you.  
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Families as Allies is funded through generous donations, training fees, grants from the Substance Abuse and Mental Heath Services Administration, the City of Jackson and the Department of Mental Health, and contracts with other non-profits and agencies.