Congratulations to Families as Allies Board President Carlyn Hicks


Join us in a round of applause for our board member and newly elected board president, Carlyn Hicks. Hicks, a 2010 graduate of Mississippi College School of Law, was recently appointed chair to the Child Welfare and Child Advocacy Committee of the Mississippi Bar.

The Child Welfare and Child Advocacy Committee of the Mississippi Bar is a forum for attorneys who practice in varying aspects of child welfare and juvenile justice including but not limited to, parent and child representation, guardian ad litem work, termination of parental rights, defense and prosecution of juvenile delinquency, Youth Court advocacy regarding competency and emancipation,  and handling of adoption proceedings.

The committee itself may focus on representation at school tribunals, advocacy in IEP and other meetings, and quasi-judicial procurement of social security disability, Medicaid and other entitlements. The committee will also participate in efforts to keep members informed of changing federal and state laws and of agency rules, policies and regulations and to enhance the practice of law relevant to children.

Carlyn is excited to have been appointed as chair and believes the formation of the committee could not have come at a more appropriate time in our state.

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