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Child Abuse Prevention Month – 2022 Prevention Resource Guide

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April is Child Abuse Prevention Month. We at Families as Allies believe that supporting families leads to an environment where children can grow up safe, loved, and healthy. Child abuse and neglect impact all aspects and stages of a child’s life. One of the significant contributors to abuse is when families are stretched to their limits or lack the resources and support they need to care for their children adequately.

The National Child Welfare Information Gateway has created a Prevention Resource Guide that outlines how systems, policy and families can work together to ensure all families are supported.

The guide emphasizes protective factors, has content to help professionals talk collaboratively with families, and includes resources families can use to understand and manage their children’s behavior. Its content is very focused on how families can be supported by society, systems, organizations, community and the wisdom of individuals and their lived experiences.

You can visit the website or access the PDF version of the 2021/2022 Prevention Resource Guide directly.

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